Pet Care Products

Pet food and pet care products grow more sophisticated by the year. Gourmet pet foods capture an increasing portion of the consumer dollar in attractive stand up pouches. Even jumbo size bags of dry dog food now sport convenience features like zippers and high- end scuff-proof graphics. Danafilms has the depth of expertise to deliver the films you need to attractively package pet food and other products while mitigating moisture, aroma, oxygen, and fat barrier issues.

Lamination Films

Pet food and pet treat products feature high end graphics beneath a high gloss, scuff-resistant surface. We provide sealant films to be laminated to polyester films that are reverse-printed with graphics. Our lamination films provide a premium sealant that can seal through contaminants, oils and food particles.

We know the blends to provide exactly what you need for your applications.

Lamination Films

The quality of a lamination film has a huge effect on your productivity and bottom line. Roll flatness,...