New Product Development

Value-Added Services Speed Your New Product to Market

To compete in today’s economy you have to make constant adjustments. You need new and improved products to build market share. You must keep costs down and improve sustainability. You need to beat the competition on quality and win over consumers.

Danafilms offers itself as your partner with value-added services for product improvement and new product development. Our engineers' expertise and lab facilities will put your project on the fast track. And, we know how material properties work together in multilayer coextruded films to give you the performance you need.

Your existing plastic film structures are reverse-engineered in order for us to develop better, more cost-effective ways to make them. We assist you in improving sustainability by down-gauging with resins that will perform at equal or better levels with less material. We will come to your plant and help you find ways to improve productivity with our films.

Our wide array of value-added services, elevate our products from commodity plastic films to engineered components that make your products perform better and win more sales.

We practice The Art of Blown Film.

Learn more about Danafilms’ laboratory capabilities.

Food and Beverage

The food and beverage market presents one of the most exciting and challenging arenas for packaging...