Lidding Films

The lids on today’s food products play an all-important role not only in protecting the product contents but in reinforcing the brand identity. The lid offers a product billboard that may be the most visible surface to the consumer, depending on how the product is displayed.

Lidding is frequently a laminated construction. It can include foil, paper, polyester, polypropylene, PET and other metalized or non-metalized films. It is frequently used as a closure on plastic cups or bowls for products such as yogurt, soups, cookies, meats, cheeses, single-serve cereal and many other food products. It is also used on packaging for such non-food products as hardware, small electronics parts and others.

Special characteristics include:

Peelable Seal

Danafilms knows how to tailor the exact peel strength. You want to offer consumers convenience and ease of use while still keeping the product in the container secure and protected.

Lock Seal

We can design a film that will totally fuse to the package circumference for product security or tamper evidence.

Anti Fog

The right additives are important to product visibility. You don’t want the transparent sections of the lid to fog up when the contents are moist. Meat packages and other refrigerated products frequently have this requirement.

Lidding applications include food and non-food products in a wide variety of materials.

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