Lawn and Garden

Lawn and garden products range from the upscale to the generic. They grace the shelves of home improvement stores and survive the weather on exposed patios at garden centers. Their packaging needs to be tough. It's important to catch the eye of the discriminating consumer. It must support your or your customer’s brand. At the retail location, packaging and graphics must be bright, attractive and informative enough to close the sale while also supporting, or even elevating, an established brand.

Danafilms produces films for the Lawn & Garden market in three categories:

Lamination Films

High-end fertilizers, seeds and other garden products feature high-end graphics beneath a high-gloss, scuff-resistant surface. We provide sealant films to be laminated to polyester films that are reversed-printed with graphics. Our lamination films provide a premium sealant that can seal through contaminants and dust from the contents. Learn more about lamination films.

Although Westborough produces monolayer films only, our other IPG affiliates produce other types of co-extruded films.

Single Monolayer Films

These films are the economical choice for packaging bulk commodity items such as peat moss, wood chips and decorative gravel. They provide great toughness and a good skin for surface printing. Learn more about monolayer films.

Monolayer Films

With more than 40 years of experience in monolayer films, Danafilms is a leading provider of innovative, value-creating plastics solutions for many different applications....