Lamination Films

The quality of a lamination film has a huge effect on your productivity and bottom line. Roll flatness, gauge consistency and surface characteristics can make or break your lamination process. Sealing ability, permanence or peel strength, and approval for food contact, all have to meet or exceed your specifications.

Lamination films run like a dream when the performance characteristics are tweaked to give you exactly what you need. Danafilms' engineers will first come to your site to evaluate your process, then come back to assist you with start-up after the right film has been developed. New films are turned around quickly to help you launch a new product and get it to market even faster than you thought possible.

Lamination films provide the inner sealant layer in a lamination. They can be used in high speed, hot fill, lidding, confection, coffee and quick freeze (IQF) applications, among many others. They are frequently used to sandwich the reverse-printed side of PET or other films to protect the graphics from scratching.

Lidding Films

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New Product Development

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