Lab Services

At Danafilms, R&D is a value-added bonus. Our engineers know how to drive down costs and develop new products in a hurry. Utilizing our in-house laboratory services combined with the resources from our global network of Inteplast Group facilities, our R&D team will provide a complete breakdown and analysis of films and laminations. We're then ready to improve upon existing packaging and products that use plastic films.

We are experts in developing cost-effective films that give you the performance characteristics you need. Source reduction is one of our specialties.

When you want to get to market with a new or improved product or package, Danafilms' engineers are at your service.

Laboratory Capabilities include:

  • Digital Imaging Microscope to view layers and measure thicknesses.
  • DSC and FTIR analysis to determine polymer composition and location in structure.
  • MOCON - MVTR & OTR analysis to test and compare barrier properties of films and laminated structures.
  • Physical Testing including Tensile Strength, Elongation, Coefficient of Friction (COF), Dart Impact, Elmendorf Tear, Heat Seal, Haze, Opacity, and Gloss.
  • Heat Seal Profiles for films and finished laminations.

Our technicians can also set up testing equipment at your location. They can compare current vs. proposed structures to confirm improved performance.

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