Industrial Films

If you can imagine it, Danafilms can do it. Creating films for industrial applications calls upon the wide expertise of our engineers. These films run the gamut of performance characteristics, application type and specifications.

Danafilms’ engineers design a great many films that are converted to adhesive tapes, such as duct tape.

We create a wide array of wire and cable wrap. Under heat, these films permanently bond to steel, aluminum, copper and other metals.

And, we make films to be metallized. These applications can serve special graphics needs, such as in long-lasting toy balloons. They can also provide many practical functions, such as a grease, oxygen and aroma barrier-layer in food packaging (e.g
. potato chip bags). Metallized films are also frequently used in radiant heat applications to reflect heat in the direction desired and in various types of insulation, including bubble wrap insulation.

Industrial film applications include tapes, protective packaging, solar panels, inflatable void packaging, baffle packaging, dunnage, insulation, wire and cable wrap, metallized films, easy tear packages and many others.

Commitment to Quality

Danafilms’ philosophy is simple but effective: Provide a high-quality product and back it with excellent service....