Hot Fill Films

When the end product is hot filled into the package, it adds another level of complication to maintaining the performance characteristics of the package. In some applications, product is poured into plastic pouches at or near the boiling point. How will that affect the integrity of the package seal and shape?

Danafilms' engineers handle these challenges all the time. Recently we worked on an application involving an institutional pouch containing 5.5 gallons of caramel syrup. The syrup was hot filled into a monolayer film pouch, but the combination of heat and weight was stretching and distorting the bag shape unacceptably.

We replaced the monolayer film with a seven-layer EVOH coextruded film that included a nylon layer to resist the heat and hold the package shape. At the same time, we were able to keep the printability, seal qualities and many other characteristics within specs for a bag that performed beyond expectations at a competitive price.

Hot fill applications include retail and institutional food and beverage products.