High Speed Films

When you want to run a packaging line at high speed, you need high performance from the films that make up the package. Two characteristics stand above the rest:

1) Fast, secure seal

Generally a combination of a low seal initiation temperature and high hot-tack ability is needed. The seal needs to initiate fast under low heat, then must set firmly after heat removal, all within a fraction of a second. In many applications, the bottom seal of a pouch is formed and product is dropped into the pouch immediately after. If the seal isn’t immediately secure, the product will blow through the bottom of the pouch.

2) Consistent Coefficient of Friction

Whatever the film or package, it needs a specific, consistent COF to slide smoothly and evenly through the production equipment.

Danafilms' engineers have the intimate knowledge of resin and additive characteristics to fine-tune films to your specific needs. There is such a wide variety of converting equipment for many specific products. As you know, each line has its own special peculiarities that demand the right film. Expert on-site consultation assures that a package and its production process is designed to streamline your operations and save you money.

Among the many applications for high speed films are candy, frozen food and cough drops.