General Purpose Packaging

Even the most basic monolayer general purpose bag plays the vital role of carrying your product or your customer’s product. It provides protection, reinforces a brand, offers convenience and assures the consumer of quality.

General purpose bags can have special requirements, like UV protection that allow lawn and garden products to be stocked outdoors instead of in the higher-priced interior spaces.

Magazine overwrap film must be approved by the United States Postal Service to go through the mail. That approval process can be surprisingly daunting. Danafilms has such films already approved by the USPS for use.

Some bags must be extra strong. Danafilms makes film for single-surface-printed coin bags that hold 50 pounds of quarters and get tossed into the backs of armored trucks. We make it and test it—because no one wants to have to pick up 50 pounds worth of spilled quarters.

No matter what the needs of the application, Danafilms stands ready to serve you.

General purpose and surface print film applications include frozen foods, shrink bundling and overwrap, sleeve labels, tissue towel overwrap, compression pack, USPS magazine overwrap, coin bags, lawn and garden, security envelopes, zipper bags, bag in box, sugar, potatoes, apples, bread, ice, boutique bags and more.

Monolayer Film Properties

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