Food and Beverage

The food and beverage market presents one of the most exciting and challenging arenas for packaging today. Not only can today's food packaging provide innovative windows that reveal appealing contents, it can also allow for unique shapes, texture and ultra high-end graphics. Many food companies are finding the greatest success with custom-engineered solutions specific to their product that attract consumers while also providing proper protection, and machine runability.

Engineered plastics allow many advanced convenience features to win consumer preference. These include resealable zippers, carry handles, and packages that double as a cooking aid, such as boil– and bake–in–bag containers.

Our engineers at Danafilms know how to produce the films you want cost-effectively. They know the resins and how to blend them to create the balance of performance characteristics your applications need: barrier properties, toughness, strength, seal, gloss, food safety, and heat/cold resistance.

Lamination Films

Many food products feature high-end graphics beneath a high-gloss, scuff-resistant surface. We provide sealant films to be laminated to polyester films that are reverse-printed with graphics. These sealant films can be monolayer films or complex coextruded films that provide multiple barrier properties. Laminated bags that include coextruded films are increasingly popular in replacing glass, metal and chipboard containers. All our lamination films provide a premium sealant that can seal through contaminants, oils and food particles. Learn more about lamination films.

Single Monolayer Films

These films are the economical choice for packaging many food items. Plain surface-printed polyethylene films are often used for bread, rolls and other bakery and snack items. Frozen food products such as chicken, vegetables and french fries are often packaged in white polyethylene films that are blended to withstand freezer temperatures. Many of these packages include convenience features like handles and zipper closures. Monolayer films are also popular for general merchandise like paper goods, napkins and disposable dinnerware packaging. Learn more monolayer films.
Although Westborough facility produces monolayer films only, our other IPG affiliates produce other types of co-extruded films.

Shrink Film

We design shrink films with excellent skins for surface printing. These films are popular for bottled water, soft drinks and many other products. Many companies are now using shrink films to reduce their use of corrugated and increase sustainability.

Extrusion Technology

Danafilms film lines feature high quality, high-precision Gloucester Engineering and Windmoeller...