Extrusion Technology

Danafilms extrusion technology features high quality, high precision Gloucester Engineering and Windmoeller & Hoelscher equipment. Our equipment investments ensure customers get a better, more consistent product, delivered on time.

For instance, our latest Gloucester Engineering systems include an Autoprofile® air ring system. This automatic gauge control system monitors and corrects the thickness of the blown film as it exits the die to keep it in extremely tight tolerances. It adjusts the thickness of the film by firing heated air from 96 heating components at exact locations on the surface of the bubble. The heating components interface with an Extrol microprocessor via an online thickness gauge. These air jets thin the bubble wall, where required, to guarantee consistency. Tolerances are improved by 30% to 40% over non-automatic gauge control lines.

Danafilms also utilizes a gravimetric blending system that improves quality by combining resins using weight. Since resins have different densities, weight provides greater consistency than volume. Consistency of blend is critical to converters, not only for appearance, but for the desired performance on their converting line. The blend of slip additives to control the coefficient of friction, for instance, effects how the surface of the film slides through production line equipment. Without the right slip, jam-ups can occur, playing havoc with productivity.

ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 certification is another important assurance of Danafilms’ capability to honor its commitments to our customers....