About RKW Danafilms

Why do business with RKW Danafilms?

The plastic films you use and the services you get from your supplier can have a profound effect on your success. The right films in packaging, for instance, can make products more attractive to the consumer. These films facilitate the printing of higher quality graphics, keep foods fresher—and even allow meals to be cooked in the bag.

The quality and consistency of films also affect your productivity. Higher quality films run better on your production line. Selecting a plastic film solely on the basis of price is a false economy that often leads to a higher total cost of manufacture.

For 44 years RKW Danafilms has served customers with high quality films. As part of RKW-Group, a privately-owned company, we have reinvested our profits into the business by constantly upgrading our production facilities.

We have also invested in our personnel to offer you value-added R&D services. The necessity of containing your costs, the need for creating new and improved products, and for improving your sustainability means you need new co-extruded and custom monolayer films. RKW Danafilms works with you to create innovative, cost-effective solutions to your needs.

Our company not only has the technical and manufacturing expertise you need, we give you direct access to our best experts by eliminating the layers of bureaucracy that make dealing with some suppliers difficult.

RKW Danafilms maintains access to multiple material sources, and we run multiple manufacturing lines at our facilities to assure that you have a dependable source. In today's competitive marketplace, we understand how important reliability is to your bottom line - your order is delivered with exact specifications on time, every time.

  • Quick Turn-Around on Value-Added Lab Services
  • Faster Speed-to-Market
  • Highest Quality & Reliability
  • Superior Service & Up-Time
  • The Lowest Ultimate Cost-of-Manufacture
For developing new products and for providing quality films that give you the maximum up-time, RKW Danafilms is your go-to company.

For inquiries call 800.634.8289

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