Ionomer-Replacement Sealant Film Wins New Business for Danafilms Customer

Customer offers food company a more cost-effective package

Pouches, gusset bags and stand up bags are
increasingly popular for food applications. These constructions need an
inner layer that has excellent seal properties as well as FDA approval
for food contact. The film must seal at a relatively low temperature and
at high production speeds. Since food is involved, the seal must be
absolutely leak proof. The film must also seal through a variety of
contaminants, such as crumbs, food particles, moisture, grease or oil,
depending on the food product involved.

The Situation
industry has had an excellent ionomer-based resin for the purpose. The
resin is typically extrusion-coated onto a multi-layer substrate that
could include paper, film and foil. It can also be laminated onto a
substrate as a film. The downside for this resin is that it is

The Challenge
An established customer came to
Danafilms looking for an alternative solution in order to win new
business. The customer was a packaging converter who wanted to offer a
food company a more cost-effective package for bagel chips. In order to
create the new package, he needed a lower cost sealant film that had all
the performance characteristics of the industry-leading ionomer.

The Solution
their extensive experience with resins and properties, Danafilms
engineers developed a proprietary blend of polyethylene to create a
sealant film that mimics the performance characteristics of the ionomer.
It is FDA approved for food contact and has a low seal initiation
temperature that is identical to the ionomer.

The converter
laminated the film into a package construction designed to be used on
the food manufacturer’s existing form fill and seal equipment. In
testing the package, they discovered the package seal strength was even
higher than that of the ionomer, and it ran flawlessly at the food
manufacturer’s top line speed.

The converter won the
business with the bagel chip manufacturer and has been supplying the bag
to them for three and a half years. In that time, the Danafilms
Ionomer-Replacement Sealant Film has become one of its most successful
monofilm grades.