Danafilms Solves Sealability Problem

The inner layer of a bag structure needs to seal quickly

When a bag does not seal properly, productivity
goes down the drain. The inner layer of a bag structure needs to seal
quickly and completely or product is wasted. Even worse, if ill-sealed
bags reach the market, it takes a toll on the consumer’s perception of a
brand’s quality. An ineffective seal layer wastes time, product,
profits, and it damages your reputation in the market.

The Situation
manufacturer of an over-the-counter health care product came to
Danafilms with a sealability problem. The stand-up bags containing their
product were not taking a good seal on the horizontal form and fill
packaging line, which included attaching a zipper. Good sealability was
required for both package integrity and attaching the zipper. They
believed the problem was in the sealant film that was laminated to a
reverse printed PET. In response to their request, we provided them with
a higher quality, better sealing film than they had been purchasing
from another film supplier.

The Challenge
The manufacturer
tried the replacement film, but they continued to have the same problem.
The manufacturer had not originally allowed Danafilms engineers to
visit their facility, but now they relented. When the engineers were
able to see the bags on the filling line, they discovered the real
problem: The bags were sagging or flopping over as the bars came down to
seal them. The sealing bars were not having contact at the exact
location on the bags where it was needed.

The Solution
engineers went back to the lab and created a new blend of resins and
additives to produce a stiffer sealant film. They tested this film in
the lamination process and on the production line.

stiffer bags no longer flopped or sagged as they reached the sealing
station. Not only did the manufacturer get bags that sealed properly,
they were able to increase the line speed by 15% to maximize their
machinery capabilities. The problem was corrected, and their
productivity was improved.