Danafilms Fulfills the Need for Speed

The film performed far beyond expectations

Time is money. The faster a film can run on a packaging converter’s line, the more profitable that converter can be.

The Situation
of our customers requested a new film that would allow them to increase
their line speed in making a sleeve product. They hoped for an increase
of 20%.

The Challenge
The challenge was all about the
ability to create a strong seam quickly. The resin blend used to make
the film had to have a low seal initiation temperature. At the same
time, it had to create a strong bond. That seal had to remain strong
when the machinery stretched the film to be fitted around to the product

The Solution
Danafilms engineers created a new blend of several polymers to produce a film that would seal faster.

new film maxed-out the capacity of the production line. By utilizing
the new blend of polymers, a film was created that allowed the line
speed to increase by 50%. In fact, the line had to be slowed because
workers couldn’t keep up. The film performed far beyond expectations.